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Through experience and constant quality control, we guarantee the quality of ingredients and finished products. Every product is a harmonic connection of tradition and modern knowledge.

All products marketed under the IEG Store trademark are a result of carefully selected materials. They are produced with high technology, under strict analytical and microbiological testing and according to the current international standards. During the processing, special effort is made in the selection of plants and other ingredients that guarantee product quality, composition and purity.

We are proud of our featured partners:


More than 30 years ago Ivan Georgiev, Mr. Ing. founded the company Inter-Evrogeneks in Novo Selo, near Strumica in the heart of Balkans. The main goal was a collection of medicinal wild plants with pharmacopoeial quality from the surrounding Macedonian mountains in order to develop distinctive herbal formulations - not just because it sounds like a great idea, but also to implement centuries-old family kept wisdom for wellness and longevity.

His products and inventions are a result of many years spent in hard work, development, and experiments. The formulations provide support for the body's powers. He developed his leading product Varumin out of purely natural ingredients. "The body itself is the best doctor" - he said, "we just give it the appropriate tools".

Mr. Georgiev gladly suggested use of his products as complementary to regular practices of treatment, primarily because of ingredients they contain and their natural safety and effectiveness, while being sustainably sourced.

Our online store currently offering Varumin®, Varuflu®, Varumin herbal®, Bitter Melon®, Varupotent®, and Varuascitofin® to the United States customers.

The production of "Inter-Evrogeneks" takes place in a GMP-certified and FDA-registered facility, strategically located in Novo Selo near the harvesting points, mountains Belasitsa and Ograzhden. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, and to be GMP certified means that the manufacturer has demonstrated a strong regulatory commitment and compliance to international GMP standards. The manufacturer is operating according to the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 22000:2005.

Each batch of the end product has a certificate of analysis of quality and content of ingredients. The content of ingredients is checked regularly in external laboratories. All of these products are subject to regular annual inspections by the government agencies.



FUTUREMED is the search for new solutions. These are preparations of the highest quality, created with care, passion, and using the latest technologies. It is also a deep trust in nature, which is the best source of substances that support human health.

Under the FUTUREMED banner, we create new products that increase comfort and improve the quality of life. With our many years of experience, we support other brands in the field of pharmaceutical marketing, comprehensive contract manufacturing and new distribution channels. We focus on communication and partnership relations that guarantee fruitful cooperation.

Our online store currently offering Bivanol®.