"Medicine plants heal more than the physical body. They help open our hearts, reconnect us with Spirit, and guide us in developing respectful and joyful relationships with the natural world." - Deb Soule

We appreciate nature and it's impact on health, culture, and tradition. We believe that complementary effect of natural products could bring a major change in wellbeing. This is why we have dedicated an entire store for natural and wellness products from all over the world.

IEG Store is a family run company based in Ohio and our logo is inspired by nature too.

The creation of IEG Store's logo

We are proud of our featured partners:

  • Inter-Evrogeneks from Novo Selo, N. Macedonia, Europe, for their long-year experience and exceptional quality standards applied to all business areas. Our search brought our companies together because we respect and share the same responsibility towards employees, society, and the environment. Our online store currently offering Varumin®Varuflu®Varumin herbal®Bitter Melon®Varupotent®, to the United States customers.
  • Futuremed from Kraków, Poland, Europe, for their constant innovative approach in order to increase comfort and improve the quality of life. Our online store currently offering Bivanol®.