About us

We appreciate the nature and its impact on health, culture, and tradition. We believe that complementary effect of natural products could bring a major change in wellbeing and make the world a healthier place.

"Medicine plants heal more than the physical body. They help open our hearts, reconnect us with Spirit, and guide us in developing respectful and joyful relationships with the natural world." - Deb Soule


Wellness for all


IEG Store began in 2019 as a store for natural and wellness products from all over the world.

Three years later, after some joyful lifetime events, we came to the idea of recreating a few of our 80 years old handmade skin care formulations, mostly for our personal use.

The next idea that came almost immediately after the first one was to share this legacy with the world, especially because these are basic, mild, and affordable pharmacist created formulations that survived over the years and stand out because they are hypoallergenic and do not contain preservatives.

By using of our pharmaceutical background we started handcrafting these cosmetical products and now Apothecary Basics is available for your everyday use.


A perfect craft

Apothecary Basics products have reached the state of perfection by following these simple rules:

  • Organic where possible - if there's an organic version of an ingredient available, then we use it
  • Locally sourced - we prefer local ingredients whenever they meet our requirements
  • Always fresh made - we begin making the products in our artisan workshop at the end of each day, after receiving all daily orders