Uticaj COVIDa-19 na naš rad

The impact of COVID-19

Update (6/12/2020): Varumin is back on stock

Update (6/9/2020): Varumin has just arrived and is already sold. A new delivery is expected soon.

Update (5/20/2020): Since the State of Emergency duration is extended, our supplier is experiencing difficulties with the shipment. The new expected date is 6/10/2020

Update (5/1/2020): Our supplies are nearly depleted. When completely gone, we will be able to accept your preorders only. The new supply is expected to be ready for delivery 5/25/2020

Update (4/13/2020): Due to the ongoing donation of Varuflu to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje, and possible shortage in supply chain, we will be limiting Varuflu orders per customer to 3 items

IEG Store announcement about COVID-19