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High blood pressure is a message: "Change your diet right now!"

High blood pressure is a silent killer. Let's repeat: high blood pressure kills. There are at least two reasons why we don't take this health problem seriously enough: first is because it's so prevalent, so we're less afraid. In other words, we find comfort in the fact that "many people have high pressure". In that case, we should remember that 1 in every 4 deaths in the USA is caused by cardiovascular disease. We should ask ourselves: do I want to be part of that statistic?

Second, high blood pressure usually does not cause symptoms. That's why we may not know that we have it, or in other words "since I'm not in pain - it's not dangerous". Many have paid for that attitude with their lives. Let's remember this: high blood pressure kills.

What should a person with high blood pressure do?

To take medicine - for sure. But there is something else, too.

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According to both the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association and almost all relevant national and international institutions in the world, we must first make lifestyle changes. High blood pressure is a message that means: "change your diet right now!" Also, we need to increase our physical activity.

Of course, if this does not help - we can always switch to medication. But we have to attempt to change something in our lives.

What if we skipped the first step and immediately started taking medication? No problem - it's never too late to change our diet! We always have a choice. And health is a choice!

Disclaimer: The purpose of this text is to stimulate critical health thinking. Medical information does not amount to advice and if advice is needed an appropriate professional help should be asked. No warranties or representations are given in respect of the medical information, and the website operator should not be held liable if a user suffers any injury or loss after relying upon the medical information.

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