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Varumin® is all about improvement of the general state of your body*

Benefits provided by Varumin® are:*
  • increased energy and physical performance
  • increased mental clarity
  • enhanced nutrient transport and absorption
  • natural mild cleanse and detox
  • increased cell to cell communication
Varumin® contains completely natural ingredients with scientifically and traditionally proven effectiveness:*
      Varumin®1 (1.7 fl oz bottle)
      • Propolis Extract
      • European Mistletoe Stem
      Varumin®2 (6.8 fl oz bottle)
      • Elecampane Root
      • Bermuda Grass Root
      • Marigold Flower
      • European Mistletoe Stem
      • European Cornel Bark
      • Yarrow Flower
      How should I use it?

            Drink the whole vial of Varumin®1. Begin taking Varumin®2 six hours later: Take 2 tsp (10 mL) of Varumin®2 for every six hours.

            No food 1 hour before consuming each dose of Varumin®.

            How long should I take it?

            For best results, Varumin® should be taken continuously for two months at the recommended use. After the initial two months, it should be taken once a month for 6 months.
            However, the dosage depends on many factors, so you can always ask us for an assessment.

            How long will it last, if used by the suggested schedule?

             # of boxes days of supply  # of boxes days of supply
            1 6 7 37
            2 11 8 42
            3 16 9 48
            4 22 10 53
            5 27 11 58
            6 32 12 63


            “Primum non nocere” is a Latin phrase that means "first, do no harm"

            That’s a physician's oath, and our oath too.

            We used our best knowledge when creating Varumin®, not only to compose it with research supported ingredients but also to keep you safe from side effects.

            30 years after its appearance, the science still discovers evidence of activity for every single ingredient of Varumin®:

            Propolis grains

            1. Propolis is thought to have antimicrobial activity.* The Molecular Nutrition & Food Research journal published a research paper about intestinal activity of propolis.* Note: Varumin®1 is vegetarian-friendly, and Varumin®2 is vegan-friendly.

            Mistletoe leaves and fruits on black background

            2. The Journal of Ethnopharmacology published a research paper that showed that mistletoe has central nervous system activity.* Other studies evaluated the safety and clinical response of complementary treatment with European mistletoe extracts. It demonstrates that certain side effects of chemotherapy were decreased under a complementary treatment.*

            Elecampane macro shot of flower with leaves in background

            3. Elecampane has compounds with antioxidant activity that can act via different mechanisms to fight several oxidative stress-related threats.*

            Bermuda grass leaves in shadow of sunset

            4. Phenolic acids and flavonoids present in Bermuda grass supports the natural wound healing process for its anti-oxidative activity that promotes collagenesis.*

            Pot marigold flowers with blurred background

            5. According to a research paper published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Marigold contains isorhamnetin and quercetin, which glycosides can be considered as potential anti-acetylcholinesterase agents.*

            Cornel branch with yellow flowers

            6. Cornel is one of the medicinal plants with a high level of antioxidant activity.*

            White yarrow flower with butterfly on it

            7. A study suggests that flavonoids present in yarrow mediates the antispasmodic properties, whereas the dicaffeoylquinic acids cause the choleretic effects. Also, human neutrophil elastase, suggests possible mechanisms of antiphlogistic action.*


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