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Varuflu® is all about helping your body respiratory and airway function, thus supporting healthy lungs and immunity*

Varuflu® is a natural herbal product made of Asafoetida (also known as asafetida, devil's dung, asant, food of the gods, jowani badian, hing, hengu, ingu, kayam, and ting). Also contains Mistletoe to provide additional balance and stability.

What are the benefits?*

- Good respiratory and airway function
- May be good for digestion - it may increase the release of bile from the liver, which is needed for the digestion of fat
- Can help reduce symptoms associated with IBS


Adults and children over 10 years: 2 teaspoons (10 mL) 3 times per day. No food 1 hour before Varuflu. Children under 10 years: Consult a doctor.


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