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The Miraculous Benefits of Propolis - Special “Glue” Made by Bees

Bee propolis is a brownish resinous substance of waxy nature made from a mix of beeswax, resins, sap, botanical compounds, and bee saliva. The word propolis is of Greek origin derived from “pro” meaning “in defense of” and “polis” meaning “city” (hive). This makes perfect sense since bees use propolis to guard their hive, strengthen its internal structure, protect it from disease and parasites and even to mummify intruders that bees can’t get rid of. So imagine what benefits this powerful defensive substance can hold for humans!
Dissolution of propolis The biological and pharmacological properties of propolis have been intriguing scientists for years. Can you imagine that propolis has over 600 constituents? Polyphenols, terpenoids, caffeic acid, amino acids, you name it, propolis has it. But most importantly it is rich in flavonoids which are strong antioxidants. Some studies show that propolis may give potency to the host defense system and biological immune response modifiers.* It helps increase the concentrations of immune cells that are of vital importance to homeostasis.
In addition to being a great winter supplement to help support immune resistance and recovery from common winter ills, propolis provides relief to gastrointestinal disorders.* An experimental study showed that propolis does play a role in antiacid, and anti-H.pylori activities that might be used for gastric ulceration.*
Athletes can also count on the strong attributes of propolis as a useful ally in their professional ventures. The caffeic acid phenethyl ester, which is just another one of the many gems propolis hides, has shown to enhance hyperthermal tolerance in competitive cyclists.* Propolis grains macro image

This important bee product may also be helpful as a complementary instrument to control an infection or pathological condition.* A study was recently published in the American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology demonstrating propolis’ effect on breast cancer cells.* Propolis has selective toxicity properties meaning that just as it helps safeguard the hive from perpetrators, it may possess the secrets to preserve healthy cells intact.

Like all beautiful things bees make, propolis is a remarkable product with many positive uses. It is a potent potion that was used in ancient times and remains until present an effective helper to the general health and wellbeing.

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