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Nutrition in the prevention and treatment of diseases

When we are healthy it is important how we eat, and when we are sick even more. Diet sometimes can be helpful, but sometimes can be harmful. It can even completely change the course of the disease.  


One dramatic example is diabetes. In diabetes, the full course of the disease may depend on the diet. By changing the diet blood sugar begins to stabilize, and the need for therapy is often reduced. It is scientifically proven that patients with a proper diet, regular physical activity, and certain dietary supplements should have an effect.  

Increased blood pressure

According to the renowned NICE recommendations for hypertension treatment, lifestyle changes are the first recommendation for the patients. It is worth mentioning that high blood pressure is not a naive thing, but one of the leading causes of death in the world. Diet, physical activity, and good life habits have a huge impact on blood pressure. Shortly after introducing such changes, there is usually a need to reduce drug therapy so that the pressure does not fall too low.  

Elevated lipid levels

Elevated lipid levels in the blood can be reduced with medication (statins), but it is better to reduce them naturally - with a diet and natural foods. Proper nutrition has no side effects, and statins may have many side effects. Therefore, patients are always strongly encouraged to start with lifestyle changes in order to normalize their blood lipid levels.  

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Heart diseases

With proper nutrition, in 24 days, 90% of patients with angina pectoris (chest pain) have reduced symptoms and improved circulation to the heart muscle. Of course, this is data from scientific studies and patient practice, and not just a piece of information. Even if surgery has already been performed, the need for proper nutrition is not a waste of time. Contrary, there is evidence that diet and lifestyle must be taken into account.  

Polycystic ovary

Polycystic ovary syndrome is strongly influenced by lifestyle. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. In addition, there are dietary supplements that have a beneficial effect on ovarian function and speed up the process of their normalization. 

Other diseases

Luckily, the list of diseases where diet can help is long. There are also conditions where we still do not have evidence that diet and natural foods can lead to improvement. But the course in science is certain: continuously discovering that diseases are linked to the diet and lifestyle - one way or another.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this text is to stimulate critical health thinking. Medical information does not amount to advice and if advice is needed an appropriate professional help should be asked. No warranties or representations are given in respect of the medical information, and the website operator should not be held liable if a user suffers any injury or loss after relying upon the medical information.

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